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Knackiges Gemüse von ELO.Knackiges Gemüse von ELO.

Here, where we come from.

Here - that's where we are located in noth-west Lower Saxony; where our company has supplied an important daily contribution towards health-conscious and balanced nutrition for more than 50 years through the cultivation and marketing of berries and vegetables.

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Feld im Oldenburger Münsterland
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Here, where we know each other.

"We are proud of our fruit and vegetable farmers who supply us – and we know every one of them personally!"

Consistent lean management and needs-orientated product policies find high acceptance amongst our customers and are the precursor for the healthy, organic growth of our company. We sell transregionally and supply local traders as well as wholesalers both nationally and internationally (especially Scandinavia and Eastern and Southern Europe) with our fresh products.

Our success concept is based on a producer cooperative in which trust, reliability and a high demand on quality is of the utmost importance for members, employees, farmers, producers and customers alike.

For years, we have been able to satisfy the high demands on quality  thanks to their commitment, longstanding experience and enthusiasm for quality products. Furthermore, a direct connection to our producers is important, because only through personal contact and uncomplicated communication within the producer cooperative can we all benefit to the same extent.

Our producers

Strawberry harvest
Bilberry ripening phase

Here, where freshness counts.

Logistics has always been one of our strengths. With a modern fleet of vehicles totalling up to 15 refrigerated lorries, we are able to satisfy the demands of our customers quickly and flexibly at all times. At Head Office in Langförden, our Procurement Managers are available day and night, and tirelessly organize the loading of 60-70 vehicles per day. Apart from the domestic demands (supply in partial loads is possible) ELO products enjoy much popularity internationally that the export has expanded all across Europe.

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